Best Hunting Gear 2022 – Hunting Equipment List

Best Hunting Gear 2022

Before you start hunting for your kayak make sure to get the right gear first! A few things are necessary before getting on the water and it’s important that everything is in working order so you don’t end up stranded or worse yet injured while out paddling away from civilization!

what is the best hunting gear?

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So here’s a list of must-have items to go along with your best hunting kayak!

Must Have Hunting Gear

Here are some great items that will make your kayak hunting experience much easier:

 Best Hunting Guns

McMillan Long-Range Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle

McMillan Long-Range Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle

. The X-Bolt functions with 3 locking lugs to provide exceptional strength and a short 60° bolt lift that cycles smooth and fast, while keeping a wide margin of space between your hand and the scope sight.

A detachable rotary magazine feeds cartridges directly in-line with the bolt instead of feeding offset as with conventional magazines. The Browning X-Bolt Pro McMillan Bolt-Action Rifle utilizes a top-tang safety with bolt unlock button that allows you to open the bolt for loading or inspection with the tang safety in the safe position. The receiver comes drilled and tapped for optic sights.

  • McMillan Game Scout carbon fiber stock
  • Carbon Gray Cerakote finish
  • Skip-fluted stainless steel barrel
  • Threaded muzzle
  • Factory-installed brake
  • Spiral-fluted bolt
  • Inflex recoil pad
  • 60° bolt lift

Browning Maxus II Semi-Auto Shotgun

Browning Maxus II Semi-Auto Shotgun

The Browning® Maxus II 12-Ga. Shotgun is perfect for your waterfowl adventures. The Power Drive Gas System provides fast, reliable cycling of all shot shells, including 3.5″ magnum loads, plus it reduces felt recoil.

  • Reliable Power Drive Gas System
  • Lightning Trigger with a super-fast lock time
  • Ergonomic design is exceptionally balanced
  • SoftFlex cheek piece with a 1.5″ Inflex Recoil Pad
  • Composite stock is trimmable for the perfect fit
  • Screw-on magazine cap
  • Ramped trigger guard
  • Chrome chamber and bore
  • Fiber-optic front sight
  • Includes an ABS hard case
  • Comes with 3 extended Invector-Plus choke tubes

best hunting gear


Best Hunting Gear On Amazon

best hunting gear

The best accessories, so when you buy one best practice is to look for one that includes all of these items: best paddle, footrests or braces, a comfortable seat, and dry storage space. This way it will be ready right out of the box without having to find the best accessories separately.

You also need to consider things like stability, storage space, seat comfort-ability, etc. This is an extensive process that requires some research on your part to find the best hunting kayak.

It covers all of the most important factors and features that a good duck hunting kayak should have

Hunting equipment list

  • A kayak is generally best suited for hunting in small bodies of water, such as ponds and lakes.
  • Kayaks are also suitable for rivers with moderate currents.
  • They can be used to access shallow areas that other boats cannot get into because the paddler sits close to the ground while seated in a chair or kneeling on one knee.
  • This makes it easy to transfer from a hunting kayak into the water if you come across an alligator or other predator lurking in shallow waters.
  • The best hunting kayak can be used for fishing as well since they have plenty of storage room and are designed with comfort in mind so that you won’t get tired from paddling all day.
  • Types of hunting kayak: best type for me, best brand, best size/length, etc.
  • what to consider when buying a fishing or hunting kayak.
  • features and specs you should look out for in the best hunting kayak.
  • pros and cons of various types of best hunting kayak.
  • best places to buy best-hunting kayaks.
  • the best place for reviews and ratings on the best brand of the best type of hunting kayak that I should be using (ex: Amazon).
  • do you need a permit to use the best size/length etc. fishing or hunting kayak?


For some hunters, there is nothing more exciting than hunting ducks and other waterfowl. It’s best to go prepared, though! You’ll need a good hunting kayak with best hunting gear that can handle the weight of your gear and last through seasons of duck hunting. Read on to learn about all you need to know when choosing a kayak for this purpose.

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