Fishing Kayaks
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Fishing is a pastime that can take you to a whole different world. You can choose to go fishing alone or with your family, friends, or your group. But, fishing can be a lot of fun and challenging at the same time. You don’t need any special equipment to do fishing. All you need is a fishing kayak.

When it comes to fishing, you may be interested in buying a kayak for your own sake, or you may just want to give it a try as a part of your family or group activity. You may even be looking for a new hobby. We looked into the different types of fishing kayaks and their prices. 

Fishing Kayaks 2023 Models list

  • Perception Pescador Pro 12
  • Old Town Topwater 106 PDL Angler Fishing Kayak
  • Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak
  • Sevylor Coleman Colorado™ 2-Person Fishing Kayak
  • Lifetime 10 Foot, Two Person Tandem Fishing Kayak with Paddles
  • Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 9
  • Perception Flash 9.5 
  • Intex Excursion Pro Kayak Series
  • Intex 68310VM Dakota K2 2-Person
  • Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak
  • Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak
  • Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak
  • Perception Outlaw 11.5
  • Old Town Sportsman PDL 120 Pedal Fishing Kayak
  • Pelican – Maxim 100X Recreational Kayak
  • Supershop® Intex 68325EP Excursion 5

Perception Pescador Pro 12

Untitled design 21
  • Product Dimensions – 143″D X 28.5″W X 11″H
  • Weight Limit – 375 lbs
  • MaterialPolyethylene (PE)

The Perception Kayaks fishing kayak is an excellent choice for your first fishing kayak due to its numerous advantages. Its comfortable seating, versatile seat positioning, and ample storage space ensure a comfortable and convenient fishing experience.

The kayak’s durable construction and leak-proof design provide peace of mind and ensure it will withstand the rigors of fishing trips. Additionally, the integrated accessory rails allow for easy customization and enhancement of your fishing setup.

Moreover, this kayak’s versatility in different water conditions, including lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, and calm coastal waters, makes it suitable for various fishing environments. It is proudly designed, molded, and hand-assembled in the USA, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and supporting local manufacturing.

Overall, the Perception Kayaks fishing kayak offers a well-rounded package of comfort, durability, storage, and customization options, making it a compelling choice for any angler looking for their first fishing kayak.


  • Comfortable adjustable seat
  • versatile seating options
  • leak-proof construction


  • Heavyweight
  • single-person capacity
  • subjective aesthetics

Why should I buy this product:

The Perception Kayaks Classic in Dapper color offers the perfect entry into fishing kayaks. With its comfortable and adjustable lawn chair-style seat, you can enjoy long days on the water without discomfort.

The leak-proof construction and built-in buoyancy ensure your safety, while the ample storage accommodates all your fishing gear. Its versatility and integrated accessory rails allow for customization.

Proudly made in the USA, this kayak guarantees quality craftsmanship. Experience the joy of fishing in lakes, ponds, rivers, and calm coastal waters with the Perception Kayaks Classic.

Old Town Topwater 106 PDL Angler Fishing Kayak

Old Town Topwater 106 PDL Angler Fishing Kayak
  • Product Dimensions – 126″D X 34.5″W X 14″H
  • Weight Limit – 480 Pounds
  • MaterialPolyethylene (PE)

I purchased this kayak at the recommendation of my local sporting goods store, and I’m glad I did. I’ve fished this kayak around my neighborhood and on the lake near my house. It’s very stable and easy to maneuver, and it’s great for angling.

The design is pretty simple but very effective. There are two seats, and there’s a rod holder attached to the funnel. There’s also an ample amount of storage space and a large stern well for storing all your gear.

I like the ability to use the transducer mount to secure my favorite fish finder, and I also like the extra-wide rear deck pad that provides more stability for standing.

I think the only downside is that it’s quite heavy and hard to lift into a vehicle. That’s why I recommend purchasing a dolly or other type of carrier. If you’re looking for a stable, versatile kayak for fishing, then this is the kayak for you.


  • Stability: Stable and easy-to-maneuver fishing platform.
  • Hands-Free: Low maintenance forward/reverse pedal drive for hands-free performance.
  • Convenience: Patent-pending easy-docking system for convenient use.
  • Comfort: Adjustable element Air seat for comfortable seating.


  • Weight: Relatively heavy at 76.5 pounds, may require assistance for transport.
  • Paddle: Paddle sold separately.

Why should you buy this product :

The Old Town Topwater PDL Angler fishing kayak offers a fantastic fishing experience with its stable and maneuverable design. The hands-free pedal drive system allows for easy navigation, while the easy-docking system adds convenience. It comes packed with features such as adjustable seating, ample storage, rod holders, and tackle storage.

The kayak’s exceptional stability and precision handling make it a reliable choice on the water. With Old Town’s reputation as the oldest and largest manufacturer of canoes and kayaks, you can trust in their quality craftsmanship and heritage. Enjoy fishing with confidence and comfort in the Topwater PDL Angler.

Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak
  • Product Dimensions – 126″D X 34.5″W X 14″H
  • Weight Limit – 480 Pounds
  • MaterialPolyethylene (PE)

We have had our Sun Dolphin kayaks for over 2 years now and love them. We bought ours to use for fishing in our local lake, but we also use it for camping and exploring the area. We can fit two adults comfortably in our kayaks, and there’s lots of room for gear.

They are lightweight and easy to carry. There are two retractable handles, one at the front and one at the rear, which makes them easy to carry. The seat is adjustable, and there’s a large storage compartment behind the seat for keeping things dry.

There are two-rod holders and one swivel holder on the side. There’s plenty of room for your rods to sit comfortably. The foot braces on the bottom of the kayak are adjustable, and they’re padded too. They make sure that your feet stay steady and secure when you’re moving.

The kayak is stable and easy to paddle. The pedals are designed to track smoothly on the water. The kayak has a good range of motion, so you can easily move around in it. There are self-bailing and storage compartments, which are great for keeping things dry.

The kayak is very stable, so you won’t fall out of it, even when you’re not in the middle of a big fish. Our kayak has been used for fishing, camping, and exploring, and we’ve found that it’s been extremely durable. The only thing we would recommend is to make sure that you always take it to the shop for regular maintenance checks. We’ve been really happy with this kayak and would recommend it to anyone.


  • Lightweight: Easy to carry for convenient transportation.
  • Convenience: Retractable carrying handles for easy handling.
  • Maneuverability: Tracks and paddles with ease, offering excellent maneuverability.
  • Stability: Provides maximum stability for various water conditions.


  • Weight Capacity: Relatively lower weight capacity at 250 pounds.
  • Phone Number Requirement: Phone number requirement for a delivery appointment may be inconvenient for some customers.

Why should you buy this product:

The SUNDOLPHIN Journey 10 ss Sit On Top Fishing Kayak is an excellent choice for lakes, rivers, and exploring remote fishing spots. Its lightweight construction and retractable carrying handles make it easy to transport. With its exceptional stability, you can paddle with ease and confidence.

The kayak offers convenient storage options, including rod holders and a P.A.C. (Portable Accessory Carrier). The comfortable seating area, adjustable seat, and adjustable foot braces ensure a comfortable fishing experience. Enjoy the convenience of self-bailing and storage compartments, along with added features like shock cord deck rigging and thigh pads.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado™

Untitled design 20
  • Product Dimensions – 31″D X 11.5″W X 19.25″H
  • Seating Capacity2
  • MaterialBlend

I’ve never used kayaks before, but my husband is a huge fan of them. He really wanted a fishing kayak, so I got one for him for Christmas. The first time we went out, he ended up catching a bunch of fish. That was awesome. But I was also a little nervous because I didn’t know how to handle the kayak. It felt pretty big, and the boat was rocking around when I paddled.

But after a few minutes, I got the hang of it. And it wasn’t as hard to steer as I thought it would be. It’s like steering a canoe. The kayak was super stable, so it made it easy to cast into the wind, and the handles were easy to use. I actually caught more fish than my husband!

In general, I was very impressed with the kayak. It was comfortable and sturdy. Overall, it was a great gift and I’m sure my husband will enjoy it for years to come.


  • 18-gauge PVC construction
  • protection against punctures
  • 1000D tarpaulin bottom
  • Multiple air chambers


  • bit pricy
  • heavy for newbies

Why should you buy this product:

The Sevylor Classic inflatable boat is an excellent choice for lake adventures. Its rugged 18-gauge PVC construction ensures durability and reliability on the water. With a 1000D tarpaulin bottom and 840D nylon cover, this boat provides exceptional protection against punctures.

The multiple air chambers are a great safety feature, as they allow the boat to stay afloat even if one chamber gets punctured. If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable inflatable boat for lakes, the Sevylor Classic is a great option to consider.

Lifetime 10 Foot, Two Person Tandem Fishing Kayak with Paddles

Lifetime 10 Foot, Two Person Tandem Fishing Kayak with Paddles
  • Product Dimensions – 120″D X 36″W X 19″H
  • Item Weight60 Pounds
  • MaterialHard Shell

The Lifetime 10-foot tandem kayak is designed with the two-person paddler in mind. It has a longer hull design that makes it easier to paddle. It features three rod holders for your fishing rods. A rear storage hatch allows you to store essentials like a dry bag, sunscreen, and fishing gear.

A weight capacity of 500 lbs. means you can haul plenty of equipment, including a cooler or dry bags, for your weekend adventures. The stable hull design ensures a smooth ride for both paddlers. The combination of a flat bottom and rounded edges reduces friction and makes for an easy and comfortable ride.


  • Versatility: Allows for solo or tandem paddling, providing flexibility.
  • Portability: Compact 10-foot length for easy transport and storage.
  • Fishing Features: 3 fishing rod holders for convenient angling.
  • Storage Capacity: Rear storage hatch offers ample space for gear and equipment.


  • Limited Maneuverability: The compact size may result in slightly reduced maneuverability compared to longer kayaks.
  • Lack of Additional Accessories: The kayak may not include certain accessories, such as paddles or seats, which would need to be purchased separately.

Why should you buy this product:

The Lifetime Classic kayak in camouflage color is a versatile and reliable choice for your paddling and fishing adventures. Its design allows for solo or tandem paddling, offering flexibility for different situations. With its compact length, transportation, and storage are hassle-free.

The kayak is equipped with fishing rod holders and a rear storage hatch, providing convenience and ample space for your gear. Its stable hull design ensures a secure and comfortable ride, while the impressive weight capacity caters to different users and their equipment. Backed by a 5-year limited warranty, the Lifetime Classic kayak is a trustworthy investment for outdoor enthusiasts.

 Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 9

 Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 9
  • Wight Capacity – 300 Pounds
  • Item Weight46 Pounds
  • MaterialPolyethylene (PE)

With the Vibe Skipjack, you can fish from the comfort of your own home or on the beach without the hassle of hauling around your boat. It’s easy to set up and ready to fish in a few minutes, making it ideal for anyone who loves fishing but doesn’t want to lug around a boat.

Its durable and lightweight construction makes it easy to carry, and you’ll be able to get right to work without having to worry about getting into the water. The kayak is also easy to store, and it comes with a built-in center hatch, which lets you access your gear without having to open the entire cockpit.

With the Vibe Skipjack, you’ll be able to catch all kinds of fish, including salmon, trout, bass, and walleye. It’s great for catching striped bass on the shore or for casting into the waters of the ocean. It’s also perfect for fishing from the docks or when you’re on the beach.

The kayak is stable and easy to maneuver, and it’s equipped with a seat that’s designed to make fishing a comfortable experience. It has enough space for one person, but you can also carry two people if needed.

The Vibe Skipjack is made of lightweight and durable PE, so you won’t be worried about the kayak breaking if you’re going to be rough with it.

You can mount a rod holder on either side of the kayak, and you’ll be able to easily access your gear without having to remove the kayak. It’s also equipped with a center hatch, which lets you quickly access your gear.


  • Portability: Lightweight and compact design for easy transport and handling.
  • Solo Use: Designed for one person, ideal for fishing and recreational use.
  • Fishing Convenience: Includes four flush-mount rod holders for convenient fishing.
  • Storage Capacity: Ample storage options with a V-Wave Center Hatch and storage wells in the bow and stern.


  • Limited Capacity: Restricted to one person, not suitable for tandem or group outings.
  • Lack of Additional Accessories: The kayak may not include certain accessories, such as paddles or seats, which would need to be purchased separately

Why should you buy this product:

The Vibe Kayaks Classic in Wildfire color is the perfect companion for fishing and recreational activities. With its lightweight and compact design, it’s easy to transport and handle. The kayak features four flush-mount rod holders, allowing you to have multiple fishing lines in the water at once. Ample storage options, including a V-Wave Center Hatch and storage wells, ensure that your gear and belongings are secure.

The built-in ergonomic backrest and cushion provide comfortable seating for extended trips. Experience convenience and comfort with the Vibe Kayaks Classic and make the most of your fishing adventures.

Perception Flash 9.5 

Perception Flash
  • Product Dimensions – 114″D x 28.5″W x 12.5″H
  • Item Weight – 41 Pounds
  • MaterialPolyethylene (PE)

The Perception Flash 9.5 is a great kayak for beginners. It’s not too big and not too small, so it’s perfect for paddlers of all ages. The cockpit is spacious enough for two adults, and it’s stable and easy to maneuver.

The kayak also features a wide range of features to make paddling a breeze. The seat is adjustable, and there are two sets of adjustable foot braces to make sure that the paddler of all sizes feels comfortable. There’s a molded-in rod holder that keeps your poles handy and a hatch for easy access to your gear.

The kayak has a low profile for easy paddling and minimal wake, and it comes with a large, easy-to-clean drain plug. This is a great kayak for beginners, and it’s a great value too


  • Stability
  • craftsmanship
  • maneuverability
  • comfort


  • Limited color option
  • limited suitability for advanced paddling.

Why should you buy this product:

The Perception Kayaks Classic in Earth color is an excellent choice for beginners and leisurely paddlers. With its extreme stability and maneuverability, it provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the water.

The adjustable foot braces and zone comfort seating cater to paddlers of all sizes, ensuring a comfortable ride. The kayak offers convenient features like a dashboard with cup holder and gear storage, molded-in rod holders, and a rear storage hatch. Its ergonomic handles, paddle park, and drain plug further enhance its user-friendly design. Explore lakes, ponds, rivers, and calm coastal environments with confidence and ease with the Perception Kayaks Classic.

Intex Excursion Pro Kayak Series

Intex Excursion Pro
  • Product Dimensions – 151″D x 37″W x 18″H
  • Item Weight – 44.67 Pounds
  • MaterialPolypropylene (PP)

This is the perfect kayak for those who like to fish and/or enjoy watersports. It’s great for both beginners and experts alike, and it’s really versatile. It’s small enough to be taken anywhere but big enough to handle all your needs.

It’s very easy to assemble and there’s no complicated setup or maintenance. If you want to learn how to paddle, you don’t need any lessons, because it’s already equipped with the necessary equipment. It’s also safe to use in shallow waters, and you won’t have to worry about falling in, because it has two removable skegs.

It’s very stable, and its inflatable tubes are thick and sturdy. The paddles are comfortable and they’re made of high-quality materials. The floor and seat are wide and comfortable, and you’ll get the best possible view. The paddles are adjustable, and you can adjust them to fit your height and paddle style. This is a great all-around kayak. It’s durable and reliable, and it’s perfect for those who enjoy kayaking.


  • Durable laminate construction
  • high-pressure inflation
  • versatile skeg options
  • convenient features.


  • Relatively heavy weight
  • potential valve issues

Why should you buy this product:

The versatile and durable inflatable kayak is perfect for both fishing enthusiasts and those who enjoy watersports. Its easy assembly, stability, and safety features make it suitable for beginners and experts alike.

The kayak’s tough construction and high-pressure inflation system ensure durability and stability on the water. With adjustable bucket seats, integrated rod holders, and ample storage space, it offers comfort and convenience during long hours on the water. Despite some minor considerations like weight and valve issues, this kayak is a reliable and versatile choice for enjoyable kayaking experiences.

Intex 68310VM Dakota K2 2-Person

Intex Dakota K2
  • Product Dimensions – 130″D x 30″W x 18″H
  • Item Weight – 16.96 Kilograms
  • MaterialVinyl

When it comes to lightweight, versatile, and durable kayaks, this is one of the best models on the market.

It’s a great kayak for both beginners and experts alike. It has a nice shape that makes it easy to maneuver in the water, and the long skegs help it track straight in the water.

The inflatable seats are very comfortable, and they fit securely into the kayak. You can adjust the seat height to accommodate taller or shorter users, and you can also remove them completely if you want.

The kayak comes with a carry bag and two dry bags, which are designed for storage and easy transport. The carry bag has a strap that fits easily over the back of your shoulder, and the dry bags have straps that fit around your waist.

It’s also great for fishing since it has a small compartment for storing your tackle. The large bow hatch allows you to store and access all of your gear inside the kayak.

The kayak is made of heavy-duty, puncture-resistant vinyl, which is durable and easy to clean. It’s also designed to be strong and stable, so it won’t collapse easily. The kayak is also easy to fold and store, making it convenient for storage and travel.

You can take it on the beach, lakes, rivers, or anywhere else you go, and it’s easy to transport because it’s lightweight. Overall, this is a great kayak that’s ideal for beginners, but it’s also suitable for experienced paddlers too.


  • High weight capacity
  • versatile skegs
  • durable construction
  • easy handling.


  • Potential durability issues with vinyl material
  • additional maintenance is required for inflatable kayaks.

Why should you buy this product:

The Intex Classic inflatable kayak is a versatile and affordable option for outdoor enthusiasts. With its impressive weight capacity and comfortable seating for two, it offers a great opportunity for shared adventures on the water.

The kayak’s design focuses on speed and agility, with long and short skegs for efficient tracking and maneuverability. The tough vinyl construction and multiple air chambers ensure durability and safety. Easy handling features such as grab lines and carry handles make transportation a breeze.

Plus, the included seats, dry bags, and carry bags add extra convenience. Enjoy water adventures with this reliable and accessible kayak from Intex.

Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak

Untitled design 23
  • Product Dimensions – 120″D X 30″W X 14″H
  • Weight Limit – ‎275 Pounds
  • MaterialPlastic

I purchased this kayak as a gift for my dad. I wanted something sturdy, comfortable, and safe for him to use while he was learning how to fish. The kayak came in the mail really quickly and was packaged very well. The shipping label was very detailed and the product arrived exactly as it was described.

The kayak is very well-made and feels sturdy. It has a nice weight to it and is extremely stable. My dad loves it and is really enjoying his time out on the water.


  • multiple fishing rod holders
  • secure gear storage
  • included paddle and paddle keeper
  • improved tracking and maneuverability


  • Limited room for movement
  • Limited seat comfort and suppor

Why should you buy this product:

The Lifetime Tamarack Angler Kayak is an excellent choice for fishing enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. Its durable high-density Polyethylene construction and UV protection ensure longevity and resistance to the elements.

The adjustable seat back and seat pad provide optimal comfort, while the multiple footrest positions cater to riders of different sizes. With ample storage compartments and fishing rod holders, it offers convenience for fishing trips. The kayak’s stability, tracking features, and easy transport handles make it a reliable and user-friendly option. Embark on exciting water adventures with confidence using the Lifetime Tamarack Angler Kayak.

Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak

Untitled design 3 1
  • Product Dimensions – 72″D x 24″W x 9″H
  • Item Weight – 19 Pounds
  • MaterialHard Shell

If you want to paddle a kayak but don’t want to shell out a ton of money, the Lifetime Youth Wave is the perfect solution. It’s sturdy, lightweight, and affordable.

The cockpit is ergonomically designed to enhance balance and motor skills, and the molded finger handles are comfortable for paddling. The molded step also provides a stable transition for standing up.

The reverse chine makes the kayak incredibly stable and allows you to ride smoothly forward and backward. The kayak weighs about 18 pounds, which is less than half the weight of a typical adult kayak.

And if you’re worried about being able to stand up in the kayak, you don’t have to. There’s a step attached to the rear, which you can step into and stand up easily. The step has a handle for easier access.

It’s a great choice for kids who want to learn how to paddle a kayak, as it’s easy to pick up and maneuver. And it’s also great for kids who want to spend time outdoors with their friends or family, as it’s safe, fun, and exciting.


  • Ergonomic design
  • easy transport
  • enhanced stability
  • lightweight.


  • Limited weight capacity
  • small size.

Why should you buy this product:

The Lifetime Blue 6 ft. kayak is a fantastic option for introducing young adventurers to the world of kayaking. Its ergonomic cockpit design promotes balance and motor skills development, while the molded finger handles ensure easy transportation. The reverse chine and swim-up step enhance stability and safety.

With its lightweight construction and included paddle, it offers convenience and accessibility. However, please note the weight capacity and size limitations. Overall, this kayak provides an excellent opportunity for children aged 5 and up to enjoy exciting and supervised kayaking experiences.

Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak

Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak
  • Product Dimensions – 31″D x 9.25″ W x 17.5″H
  • Item Weight – 20.28 Pounds
  • MaterialPolyester

The Sevylor Quikpak K1 is a lightweight kayak that will take you places you never thought possible.

The Quikpak K1 is designed to carry just one person, and it comes with a very useful backpack that converts into a seat. It’s made of 21-gauge PVC, and it’s sturdy enough to withstand the rough waters of the lake.

The paddles are also included in the package, so you’ll never be without them. The paddles are also durable, which is great for rough waters. They’re made from double-wall construction, which helps keep the paddles from splitting.

It comes with a tarpaulin bottom that’s designed to protect the boat from punctures. It also has multiple air chambers that are built in to provide extra cushioning when the kayak is deflated. The air chambers are located in the center of the kayak, and the backrest can be folded down to provide extra comfort.

This kayak is built to last, and it will serve you well for years to come.


  • Quick and Easy Setup: The kayak can be set up in just 5 minutes, saving you time and effort.
  • Portability: The backpack system makes it easy to carry and doubles as a comfortable seat.
  • Durability: The rugged 21-gauge PVC construction and tarpaulin bottom ensure the kayak’s durability and protection against punctures.
  • Safety: The multiple air chambers ensure that the kayak remains afloat even if one chamber gets punctured.


  • Limited Capacity: The kayak may have a limited weight capacity, restricting the number of people or the amount of gear it can accommodate.
  • Design Limitations: The kayak’s design may be more suitable for calm lake use rather than rougher waters or more challenging conditions.

Why should you buy this product:

The Sevylor Classic Inflatable Kayak is a reliable and convenient option for water enthusiasts. Its quick and easy setup means you can spend more time enjoying your kayaking adventures. The backpack system makes transportation a breeze, and its dual functionality as a comfortable seat adds to the convenience.

With durable PVC construction and a tarpaulin bottom, this kayak is built to withstand lake use and protect against punctures. The inclusion of multiple air chambers and double lock valves ensures safety and ease of use. Additionally, the added features such as the backrest, multi-position footrest, and secure storage area enhance comfort and practicality. The included pump and paddle make it a complete package ready for your next water excursion.

Perception Outlaw 11.5

Untitled design 22
  • Product Dimensions – 142″D X 34″W X 12″H
  • Weight Limit – 425 lbs
  • MaterialPolyethylene

I bought this kayak for my husband who is a fisherman and he absolutely loves it! He’s been using it all summer, but it is starting to show some wear. The seat cushion is worn out and there are some cracks in the sides, but that’s about it.

This is his third kayak. He has a Perception Outlaw of 10.5 and a Perception Outlaw of 10. The Outlaw 11.5 is a step up in size and is designed for people who want a bit more stability and comfort. The Outlaw 11.5 is very stable and well-built.

The kayak has room for two people, but I would suggest a little more space for the larger paddler. It holds two people comfortably with plenty of room to spare. The paddle boarder can sit on the bow or stern seat and can have his/her feet on the floor. It is very stable and comfortable.

I really like the molded-in rod holders and tray. The seats fold down, making it easy to store or transport. The kayak is very well made, and I think that it will last for a long time. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good value and wants to fish in comfort.


  • Affordable fishing kayak with adjustable seating and versatile design.
  • Ample storage with large tank wells and rod holders.
  • Customizable with solo mount recesses and accessory holders.
  • Convenient molded trays, cup holders, and handles.
  • Versatile side handles double as gear tracks.


  • Limited features
  • Non-adjustable footrests

Why should you buy this product:

The Perception Kayaks Moss Camo Classic Fishing Kayak is the ideal choice for anglers seeking an affordable yet feature-packed kayak. With its optimized elevated seating console, adjustable frame seat, and accommodating design, it caters to paddlers of all sizes.

The spacious bow and stern tank wells offer ample storage for fishing gear and crates, while the double-barrel rod holders allow for convenient rod placement. The option to easily add mounts and accessory holders further enhances customization. With its durable construction, molded handles, and gear track versatility, this kayak ensures a comfortable and efficient fishing experience on the water.

Old Town Sportsman PDL 120 Pedal Fishing Kayak

Old Town Sportsman PDL 120 Pedal Fishing Kayak
  • Product Dimensions – 12″D X 36″W X 20″H
  • Weight Limit – 300 lbs
  • MaterialPolyethylene (PE)

This kayak is a great choice for fishing trips or just having fun out on the water. With its low profile, the kayak glides effortlessly through the water, which is ideal for fishing.

There are two large storage areas that are located underneath the seats, and the kayak also has a storage compartment under the stern. The bow hatch is also spacious, great for storing gear and keeping water out.

The pedals are easy to use, and you can adjust the height of the seat to suit your preference. The kayak is easy to maneuver in the water, and you can easily launch and land it.


  • Ultra-Stable DoubleU Hull ensures a secure and comfortable experience.
  • Low Maintenance PDL Drive making launching and landing hassle-free.
  • Superior Seat Design allows for personalized comfort during long outings.
  • Ample Storage Space ensures you have enough space for gear and equipment.


  • Heavy Weight
  • The kayak may be challenging to transport and handle
  • Not accommodate multiple passengers or groups.

Why should you buy this product:

The Old Town Ember Camo Classic Fishing Kayak is the ultimate choice for anglers who value stability, comfort, and functionality. Its ultra-stable DoubleU Hull provides a smooth and quiet gliding experience while offering a solid stand-up fishing platform. The low-maintenance PDL Drive and easy-docking system ensure effortless maneuverability.

With its superior seat design, ample storage options, multiple rod holders, and non-slip deck pads, this kayak offers convenience and organization for all your fishing needs. Additionally, the universal transducer mounting system simplifies the installation of your fish finder. Embark on your fishing adventures with confidence and reliability using the Old Town Ember Camo kayak.

 Pelican – Maxim 100X Recreational Kayak

 Pelican - Maxim 100X Recreational Kayak
  • Product Dimensions – 120″D X 28″W X 14″H
  • Item Weight – 36 Pounds
  • Material Plastic

With its durable lightweight design and comfortable seats, the Maxim 100 is an excellent choice for paddlers of all skill levels. Its stable design and shallow V-chine hull make it easier to paddle and maneuver. Its low center of gravity and wide beam width give it superior tracking and directional control.

The wide cockpit deck allows for ample room for storage, making it a great kayak for those who want to carry their gear or use it as a dry dock. While the Maxim 100 has a very lightweight design, it still has the strength and durability to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Its durable molded deck and cockpit seats are designed to last, and the molded handholds and footwells are intended to provide a safe and secure grip. The Maxim 100 is built to be durable and reliable, which makes it an excellent kayak for those looking for a high-performance, low-weight, sit-on-top kayak.

It’s also available in a larger version, the Maxim 200, and if you’re looking for something smaller, you can choose from the Maxi 100 or Maxi 300.


  • The kayak offers extra storage options with a front hatch and rear tank well
  • The kayak features a cockpit table with compartments
  • ERGOFORM padded backrest and seat cushion ensure a comfortable paddling experience.
  • The shallow V-chine hull design improves maneuverability and tracking


  • Limited Weight Capacity of 275 lb
  • Not suitable for heavier individuals or those with additional equipment.
  • The sit-in style of the kayak may not be preferred by individuals who prefer the openness and ease of access of sit-on-top kayaks.

Why should you buy this product :

The Pelican Sit-in Kayak offers a range of upgraded features and enhanced performance for recreational paddlers. With ample storage space, including a front hatch and rear tank well, you can easily carry your personal items.

The comfortable ERGOFORM seating system ensures a pleasant paddling experience, and the lightweight design allows for easy transportation and storage.

The kayak’s stable shallow V-chine hull and added safety features, such as floating blocks and a flatter hull type, provide peace of mind during your rides. Choose this kayak for its convenience, comfort, and reliable performance on the water.

Supershop® Intex 68325EP Excursion 5

Supershop® Intex 68325EP Excursion 5
  • Product Dimensions – 144″L x 66″W
  • Item Weight – ‎62.5 Pounds
  • Material‎Polyvinyl Chloride

For such a big item, it’s surprisingly light. It’s easy to carry around and the inflatable floor is very strong. The seats are comfortable and the backrests provide good back support. The inflatable floor is designed to be puncture resistant, and it feels pretty durable.

While the motor mount is fairly sturdy, it’s only meant to be used with a trolling motor. If you want to use it for a different type of motor, you’ll need to buy an adapter separately. It’s a great inflatable boat for fishing or leisurely boating, and it’s not too expensive either.


  • Spacious and high-weight capacity for group boating and fishing.
  • Motor mount kit included for motorization options.
  • Comfortable seating with backrests and ample storage for fishing gear.
  • Durable construction and additional safety features.


  • Motor and motor mount are sold separately.
  • Large sizes and weights require extra effort for transport and storage.

Why should you buy this product:

The Intex Excursion 5 inflatable boat offers a convenient and versatile solution for boating or fishing adventures. With its spacious capacity for up to 5 adults and a motor mount kit compatibility, you can enjoy effortless exploration on mild rivers or lakes.

The comfortable seating, built-in fishing rod holders, and gear pouch enhance your fishing experience. The durable PVC construction, inflatable floor, and multiple air chambers ensure safety and longevity. With the included oars, pump, repair kit, and carry bag, this boat provides everything you need for enjoyable outings on the water.


What type of kayak is best for fishing?

Sit-on-top kayaks are generally considered the best type for fishing due to their stability, open cockpit design, and ample storage options.

What makes a fishing kayak?

A fishing kayak is specifically designed for angling purposes, typically featuring features such as rod holders, storage compartments, stable hull designs, and sometimes specialized mounting options for fish finders or other accessories.

What is a tandem fishing kayak?

A tandem fishing kayak is a kayak designed to accommodate two people for fishing purposes. It offers the advantage of allowing two anglers to fish together, share the workload, and enjoy the experience together.

How heavy is a fishing kayak?

The weight of a fishing kayak can vary depending on the specific model and construction materials. Generally, fishing kayaks can range anywhere from around 50 pounds to over 100 pounds.


fishing kayaks are highly versatile and practical watercraft specifically designed for fishing enthusiasts. These kayaks offer numerous advantages, such as stability, maneuverability, and specialized features tailored to the needs of anglers. With built-in rod holders, storage compartments, and comfortable seating, fishing kayaks provide a convenient and enjoyable fishing experience.

Additionally, their compact size and lightweight construction make them easy to transport and store. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, investing in a fishing kayak can greatly enhance your fishing adventures, allowing you to access remote fishing spots and navigate various water conditions with ease.