Kayaking Spots in Arizona
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Kayaking in Arizona is an adventure like no other. The majestic mountains, the crystal clear waters, and the awe-inspiring sunsets provide an unforgettable experience. With its vast stretches of inland creeks and rivers, Arizona is a great destination for kayaking.

The thrills of kayaking in Arizona are unmatched. The rushing waters provide a thrill ride, while the serene surroundings offer a tranquil escape.

The abundance of wildlife creates a peaceful atmosphere and the stunning views of the Arizona landscape provide a breathtaking backdrop to your experience. With its warm climate and beautiful scenery, Arizona is the perfect place to spend a day kayaking.

10 Popular Kayaking Spots in Arizona: From Lakes To Rivers

We’ll share some of our favorite spots for canoeing and kayaking in Arizona, so you too can enjoy the stunning scenery and unique adventures that this state has to offer. So grab your paddle, life vest, and sunscreen – it’s time to hit the water!

Big Lake, Springerville

Big Lake, Springerville

Just a few miles away from Eager, lies the lake of Big Lake, located in the town of Springerville. This lake is one of the most pristine and beautiful places in Arizona.

The surface of the lake reflects the bright Arizona sun like a mirror, and the crystal-clear blue water is calm and inviting. The lake is surrounded by a lush green forest, and the ground is covered with soft, vibrant green grass. On the banks of the lake, you can find a variety of colorful wildflowers; the view is breathtaking.

The lake is home to a variety of wildlife, including ducks, geese, and swans. The lake’s waters are full of fish, and the shore is lined with trees that provide shady spots for those looking to escape the sun. There are also plenty of picnic spots and benches to enjoy the view of the lake.

Big Lake offers a wide range of recreational activities. Visitors can rent canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats, and there are several trails around the lake that are perfect for biking and hiking. There is also a swimming area and a playground with slides and swings.

The town of Springerville is a great place to visit, with plenty of charming restaurants and shops. Visitors can also visit the nearby museum, which houses artifacts and information about the town’s history.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful spot to relax or an exciting outdoor adventure, Big Lake and Springerville have something for everyone. With its beautiful scenery and abundance of activities, it’s no wonder why so many people come to admire the beauty of this lake and its surrounding area.

Lake Powell, Page

Lake Powell, Page

The crystal-clear waters of Lake Powell in Page, Arizona, differ drastically from the murky depths of Big Lake in Springerville. Nestled in the middle of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and Glen Canyon Recreation Area, Lake Powell is a wonder of natural beauty. Rising from the depths of the canyon, the lake is surrounded by red sandstone cliffs and mesas, creating a stunning contrast of colors.

The lake is a popular destination for boating, fishing, and camping. The largest marina in the area is the Wahweap Marina, which offers plenty of amenities such as boat rentals, fishing charters, and lodging. There are also a number of beaches and campgrounds located around the lake.

The lake offers some of the best fishing in the area. Anglers can find a variety of game fish including largemouth bass, striped bass, walleye, and catfish. The lake also has a great selection of trout, making it a great place for fly fishing.

The lake is also home to some amazing wildlife. Visitors can see a variety of birds, including bald eagles, ospreys, and peregrine falcons. There are also a number of mammals that live around the lake, such as coyotes, bobcats, and mule deer.

The area is also a great place for exploring. There are a number of hiking trails and backcountry roads that offer access to the lake and its many coves. There are also a number of slot canyons and other geological wonders to explore. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day on the lake or an adventure in the backcountry, Lake Powell is the perfect destination.

Blue Ridge Reservoir, Happy Jack

Blue Ridge Reservoir, Happy Jack

Continuing on from the beautiful Lake Powell, Page, and the Blue Ridge Reservoir, Happy Jack is an equally breathtaking destination. Situated right in the heart of Arizona, the reservoir is surrounded by rugged mountains and canyons. The lake is a popular spot for fishing, swimming, and camping, providing visitors with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.

The reservoir is an impressive sight, with its crystal clear waters reflecting the sunshine and the rugged mountains looming in the background. The lake is home to a wide variety of fish, including bass, trout, and catfish, making it a great place for anglers. The lake also has plenty of coves and inlets to explore, providing visitors with a great opportunity to observe the local wildlife.

The lake is also a popular destination for hikers and campers, as it offers several trails of varying difficulty. The trails wind through the forest, taking hikers along the banks of the lake and to stunning vistas. The trails are also well-marked, making navigation easy and enjoyable.

Camping is also a popular activity at the reservoir, with several campsites scattered around the lake. The campsites provide a perfect opportunity to get out in nature and enjoy the beauty of the lake. At night, the stars are reflected in the waters of the lake, creating an incredible, dreamlike atmosphere.

In addition to the stunning scenery, the reservoir is also home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, elk, and foxes. The area is also home to several species of birds, making it a great spot for birdwatchers.

The Blue Ridge Reservoir, Happy Jack is a stunning destination, offering visitors a chance to explore nature and relax in a beautiful setting. Whether you’re looking for a fishing trip or an outdoor adventure, the reservoir is the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors.

Patagonia Lake, Patagonia

Patagonia Lake, Patagonia

Leaving the peaceful waters of Blue Ridge Reservoir and Happy Jack behind, the journey now leads to Patagonia Lake, located near the small town of Patagonia, Arizona. Nestled amidst the rolling hills of the Patagonia Mountains, Patagonia Lake is a tranquil body of water surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Stretching across 226 acres of land, Patagonia Lake is a paradise for wildlife. Its waters are home to largemouth bass, crappie, sunfish, bullhead, and catfish, while the nearby forests and grasslands are filled with mule deer, javelina, and a variety of small mammals. The presence of over two hundred species of birds, including the bald eagle, makes Patagonia Lake a popular destination for bird watching.

The lake’s shoreline is lined with lush vegetation, creating a perfect spot for picnics and other outdoor activities. Hikers and bikers can explore the area’s many trails, while anglers can spend hours fishing off the shoreline or renting a boat to take out onto the lake. For a more relaxing experience, visitors can take advantage of the lake’s swimming beach, or rent a paddleboat or kayak to explore the lake’s many coves.

Patagonia Lake is also host to numerous events throughout the year, from music festivals to kayak races. The lake serves as a popular destination for outdoor recreation, providing visitors with a unique combination of wildlife, natural beauty, and outdoor activities. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful spot to soak in nature’s beauty or a place to explore the great outdoors, Patagonia Lake is the perfect spot for your next adventure.

Lake Pleasant, Morristown

Lake Pleasant, Morristown

Leaving the tranquil waters of Patagonia Lake behind, the journey continues to the bustling Lake Pleasant in Morristown. Founded in 1874, this lake is the perfect spot for all sorts of activities, from fishing to swimming to boating and even camping.

The serene lake is encircled by lush greenery, providing a beautiful natural backdrop for visitors. The crystal clear waters sparkle in the sunlight, making it inviting to jump right in. The lake is stocked with a variety of fish that can be caught from the shore or by boat. Swimmers can enjoy the cool and refreshing water.

The lake also offers boating and kayaking opportunities that thrill-seekers can enjoy. Several boat ramps are available, allowing visitors to easily launch their watercraft. A marina is available for those who want to rent boats or get supplies for their own.

Adventure-seekers can take their fun to the next level with a camping trip. The nearby campground offers a variety of amenities, from RV hookups to tent sites. Whether visitors are looking for a quiet getaway or a family adventure, this is the perfect spot.

Lake Pleasant offers an incredible experience for those seeking an outdoor escape. With its abundance of activities and breathtaking natural beauty, this lake is sure to delight any visitor.

Watson Lake, Prescott

Watson Lake, Prescott

Departing from the tranquil shores of Lake Pleasant, a short drive to the north brings one to the stunning Watson Lake in Prescott. Set against the backdrop of the Granite Dells, Watson Lake’s emerald waters are surrounded by soaring red rock formations and deep blue skies.

The breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding terrain make this an ideal spot for outdoor activities. Whether one is looking to take a leisurely stroll along the perimeter or take a swim in the refreshingly cool waters, Watson Lake has something to offer for all.

A network of trails offers hikers the chance to explore the stunning landscape, while canoers and kayakers can paddle around the lake’s calm and inviting waters. There are also plenty of opportunities to fish and camp around Watson Lake, making it easy to spend days in the great outdoors.

The lake itself is teeming with wildlife, making it a great spot for birdwatching. From bald eagles to great blue herons, a wide variety of species can be spotted soaring around the lake or perched atop the towering red rock formations. In addition to the avian population, Watson Lake is also home to a wide array of aquatic life, including bass, catfish, and trout.

For those looking for some nightlife, the nearby town of Prescott offers a variety of bars, restaurants, and entertainment options, making it easy to enjoy a night out on the town. A variety of shops, galleries, and museums are also located within the town, providing visitors with plenty of opportunities to explore the local culture.

With its breathtaking views, outdoor activities, and nearby town amenities, Watson Lake in Prescott is a perfect destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and explore nature.

Lower Salt River, Mesa

Lower Salt River, Mesa

The journey continues into the desert, as we make our way towards Lower Salt River, Mesa. Here, nature is in its fullest form, with a backdrop of rugged mountains and a deep blue sky. The sun warms the sand, and the sound of flowing water can be heard in the distance.

The river winds through the valley, flanked by towering cacti and towering cliffs. Small lizards scurry across the sand, while quail and roadrunners dart across the path. The air is filled with the sweet smell of wildflowers that bloom in the spring, and the tranquil gurgling of the river.

We take a break to look around, soaking up the warm sun and the lively atmosphere. Nearby, a flock of wild geese flies overhead, their wings creating a graceful pattern in the sky. We take a deep breath, and the peacefulness of the environment envelops us.

A little further down the path, we come to a small waterfall cascading down the rocks. The sun reflects off the rippling water, and we can feel the mist on our faces. A feeling of awe takes over, as we take in the beauty of this spot.

The day passes quickly, and we make our way back. We leave feeling refreshed and energized, our spirits lifted by the beauty of this place. Lower Salt River, Mesa is an oasis in the desert, and we can’t wait to come back.

Colorado River, Lees Ferry

Colorado River, Lees Ferry

Leaving the Lower Salt River behind, the next destination is Lees Ferry along the Colorado River. The cool waters of the Colorado River offer a refreshing break from the desert heat. The landscape is rugged and breathtaking, with deep ravines, towering mountains, and picturesque desert mesas on the horizon. The sun is high in the sky, glistening off the white sand and sparkling blue waters of the river.

The air is fresh and clean, full of the scent of wildflowers and sagebrush. The sound of the river is soothing, providing a peaceful atmosphere to rest and relax. As the boat glides downstream, the beauty of the landscape is mesmerizing. The river snakes its way through the canyon, creating rapids and eddies that provide an exciting challenge for those who wish to kayak or raft the river.

The banks of the Colorado River are lined with tall cottonwood trees, which provide a shady respite from the sun. In the shallower areas, the water is crystal clear, affording a view of the many fish and other wildlife that inhabit the river. Turtles, beavers, and otters can be seen swimming near the banks or basking in the sun. The shoreline is home to a variety of birds, including herons, ospreys, and bald eagles.

Further down the river, the scenery changes drastically. The banks of the river become more rugged, with towering cliffs and steep ledges. The water is often frothy and turbulent, forming rapids and powerful waterfalls. The sound of the rushing water is deafening, and the sheer power of the river humbles those who witness it.

And finally, past the rapids and waterfalls, lies the destination, Lees Ferry. This historic site, located at the confluence of the Colorado and Paria Rivers, is a beloved spot for many river enthusiasts, who come here to experience the beauty and power of the Colorado River. The calm waters of the river provide a tranquil setting to enjoy the beauty of the area and reflect on the journey that has been taken.

Fool Hollow Lake


First up is the Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area in Show Low. This beautiful area offers a picturesque lake surrounded by lush pine forests, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and fun activities.

You can enjoy camping, picnicking, boating, fishing, and wildlife viewing. The well-equipped campgrounds provide various amenities like electric hookups, restrooms, and showers. Don’t forget to take your camera along to capture the breathtaking views!

Canyon Lake


Canyon Lake is situated between Mesa and Apache Junction. This stunning lake is part of the Salt River chain of lakes and is surrounded by awe-inspiring canyon walls. The lake is a popular destination for boating, fishing, and water sports.

You can also explore the area’s hiking trails, take a scenic drive along the Apache Trail, or enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Dolly Steamboat. The nearby campgrounds offer a range of facilities to ensure a comfortable stay.

Both of these destinations promise a fantastic time filled with outdoor activities and stunning natural beauty. Pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable experience!


The beauty of Arizona is revealed in the many gorgeous lakes available for kayaking. From the depths of Lake Powell to the serene waters of Lake Patagonia, there is something for everyone to explore.

For those looking for an adventure, the Colorado River at Lees Ferry offers breathtaking views and whitewater rapids. For those seeking a quiet escape, Watson Lake and Lower Salt River both provide a peaceful atmosphere.

Arizona has something for everyone, no matter the kayaking preference. With so many amazing places to explore, kayaking in Arizona is sure to be an experience to remember.

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