Kayaking Spots in Sweden
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Kayaking in Sweden is an experience like no other. With its picturesque views, vast lakes and rivers, and abundance of wildlife, this Scandinavian country is the perfect destination for paddlers of all levels.

From the rugged coastline of the country’s west to the vast inland waterways, there are endless opportunities for exploration. With kayak tours available throughout the year, visitors can enjoy the beauty of Sweden from the comfort of their own canoe or kayak.

Kayaking Spots in Sweden: From Rivers to Lakes

Best Kayak and Canoe Tours in Sweden

Exploring Sweden by kayak is an unforgettable experience. From the winding canals of Stockholm to the tranquil waters of the archipelago to the awe-inspiring Northern Lights, the country is a kayaker’s paradise.

Kayaking in Stockholm provides an ideal opportunity to experience the culture and beauty of the city from a unique perspective, while archipelago kayaking reveals Sweden’s stunning coastline and abundant wildlife. To top it all off, Northern Lights kayaking is an unforgettable way to witness the majestic display of the Aurora Borealis.

Kayaking in Stockholm

Kayaking in Stockholm

Discovering the beauty of Stockholm by kayak is an experience like no other. Gliding through the canals and navigating the historical cityscape of Stockholm is a journey of exploration and adventure. From the moment you set out, the sights, sounds, and smells of the city are a unique experience to behold.

As you paddle through the city, you’ll be amazed by the architecture and how the city has grown. From the beautiful facades of the old buildings to the vibrant modern structures,

the cityscape is a testament to how Stockholm has evolved over the centuries. You’ll be able to explore the hidden gems of the city, discover the small archipelago with its picturesque islands, and feel the peace and tranquility that it brings.

Archipelago Kayaking

Archipelago Kayaking

Archipelago kayaking is a great way to experience the beauty of Sweden and its surrounding islands. Those looking for an unforgettable experience will not be disappointed. Whether you are a novice or an advanced kayaker, this tour offers a unique way to experience the beauty of Sweden.

Northern Lights Kayaking

Northern Lights Kayaking

Exploring the stunning night sky of Sweden with a kayak in hand, Northern Lights Kayaking is an experience like no other. A unique way to take in the beauty of the country, this activity allows adventurers to experience the natural beauty of Sweden in the stillness of the night.

The cold night air is illuminated by the aurora borealis, the famous Northern Lights. As the kayak glides through the water, adventurers can take in views of the surrounding mountains, forests, and lakes, all

while enjoying the ever-changing colors of the night sky. The beauty of this experience is unparalleled and is sure to be a highlight of any trip to Sweden.

Top Places for Kayaking and Canoeing in Sweden

Uppsala, renowned for its picturesque landscape, is a popular destination for kayaking and canoeing. Along its tranquil waters, the Dalälven and Västerdalälven rivers offer stunning views and an abundance of opportunities to explore and experience nature.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, these two rivers provide a unique and unforgettable experience.



The nearby Fyris River offers a calm and tranquil kayaking experience. The river flows through the city, meandering through small canals and past historic buildings. Visitors can take a leisurely paddle along the river,

stopping to take in the beautiful view of Uppsala Cathedral. The river is also home to plenty of wildlife, so keep an eye out for ducks, swans, and other waterfowl.

Uppsala also offers easy access to the stunning Dalälven River. This is a great spot for experienced kayakers looking for a bit of adventure. The river winds its way through the forests and meadows of central Sweden, providing breathtaking views along the way.

Here, kayakers can paddle along the tranquil waters, taking in the surrounding nature. Be sure to keep an eye out for the occasional otter or beaver.



The banks of the river are perfect for camping, with plenty of spots to pitch a tent. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to take in the views or a more lively area with plenty of activities for the whole family, you’ll find it here.

The waters of the river are ideal for kayaking and canoeing, and you can explore the area at your own pace, taking in the magnificent natural beauty as you go.

The river is also home to a number of popular fishing spots, where you can cast your line and try your luck. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler, you’ll be sure to find some exciting catches here. So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure, head to Dalälven and let the beauty of Sweden take your breath away.



The scenic and stunning Västerdalälven, located in the heart of Sweden, is another great destination for kayak and canoe tours. This river offers a unique experience, especially for those looking for a relaxing river journey.

The river is also home to a wide variety of wildlife, such as beavers, otters, and deer, and is known for its stunning nature. From majestic waterfalls to lush forests, Västerdalälven is a river that will take your breath away.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing journey or an adrenaline-fueled adventure, this river will provide an unforgettable experience.

Kayaking Sweden Archipelago

Kayaking Sweden Archipelago

Navigating the winding channels of the Sweden Archipelago by kayak provides a unique and peaceful experience. Paddling across the sparkling waters, kayakers can explore the rocky islands and choose from a variety of routes.

Whether they want to explore sheltered inlets, narrow passes, or wide, open bays, there is something for everyone. Safety should always be a priority when kayaking, as the waters of the archipelago can be unpredictable and challenging.

Kayaking Routes

Sweden’s archipelago is a paddler’s paradise, offering a variety of kayaking routes through tranquil waters and vast landscapes. From rocky shorelines to sandy beaches and hidden bays, the archipelago is the perfect place for a kayaking adventure. From beginner to experienced, there is something here for everyone.

The archipelago offers kayakers a variety of routes, ranging from short, leisurely tours to longer, more challenging routes. The waters here are generally calm, and the scenery is breathtaking.

Beginner kayakers can explore the sheltered bays and inlets of the archipelago, while more experienced paddlers can take on some of the more remote routes that offer spectacular views.

For a truly unique experience, kayakers can explore the intricate network of islands and islets that make up the archipelago. Here, kayakers will be treated to stunning views of the surrounding landscape, and will also be able to spot a variety of wildlife, including seals, sea birds, and even whales.

The shallow waters provide a safe environment for kayakers, and the inter-island routes offer a challenge for more experienced paddlers.

Self-Guided Canoe Trips Sweden

Exploring the pristine waterways of Sweden is a remarkable experience that can be experienced through self-guided canoe trips. From canoe rental options to trip planning and preparation and navigation techniques,

these trips offer plenty of excitement and adventure. With the right knowledge and supplies, the course of the trip can be charted towards an unforgettable journey.

Trip Planning and Preparation

When planning a canoe trip in the Swedish archipelago, the first step is to research the available canoe rental options. Different companies offer different models of canoes, and some may even offer guided trips or trips with camping gear included.

Knowing the different options available can help you make an informed decision and select the best choice for your needs. You’ll also need to consider the supplies you’ll need for the trip.

While some rental companies offer basic supplies, it’s important to plan ahead and bring along additional items such as a paddle, life vests, a first aid kit, and a map of the area. Be sure to also pack a cooler with plenty of food and drinks, including snacks, to keep you energized throughout the trip.

Kayaking Stockholm

Kayaking Stockholm

For those looking to explore the waterways of Stockholm, kayaking is a great option. With numerous kayaking routes around the city, from meandering inlets to the archipelago, experienced and beginner kayakers alike can find an enjoyable experience.

Additionally, there are plenty of kayaking tours available, from guided day trips to overnight excursions, as well as kayaking clubs that offer lessons and equipment rental.

Kayaking Routes in Stockholm

After leaving the peacefulness of the Swedish canals, it’s time to explore the waterways of Stockholm. From its lake and archipelago to its canals and rivers, the Swedish capital offers a variety of kayaking routes that will take you through some of the city’s most iconic sights.

The Stockholm archipelago, with its 30,000 islands, is a great place for kayaking. It’s also the perfect place to take in some of the city’s most stunning views. The islands of the archipelago provide a perfect backdrop to explore the city from a different perspective, and the waters are full of marine life and other sights.

The city itself is surrounded by a network of canals and rivers, and kayakers can paddle their way through its winding waterways. From the tranquil canals of Södermalm to the lively canals of Gamla Stan, there is plenty to explore. The canals are also home to a variety of wildlife, with many species of birds, fish, and amphibians in the waters.

Kayaking Tours in Stockholm

From the peace and tranquility of self-guided canoe trips in Sweden, kayaking in Stockholm is the perfect way to explore the capital city. With its stunning waterways, kayaking tours in Stockholm offer visitors a unique perspective on the city and its famous sights.

From gentle paddles to excursions that take in the best of what Stockholm has to offer, there is sure to be a kayaking tour to suit every traveler. The city itself is full of picturesque canals, making it a great place for kayaking. For those looking to explore the city and take in its sights, a kayaking tour on the waterways is a great way to do it.

There are a variety of tours available, with some taking in the iconic Stockholm skyline, while others explore the city’s many islands. From the beautiful Royal Palace to the old town, kayaking tours in Stockholm can offer a unique and unforgettable experience.

On the outskirts of the city, kayakers can explore the pristine lakes and stunning forests. Kayaking tours in Stockholm often include visits to the National City Park, offering breathtaking views of the lake, as well as the chance to spot some of the wildlife that calls the park home.

With its relaxed pace and stunning scenery, kayaking tours in Stockholm offer a great way to get away from it all and take in the beauty of the city.

Kayaking Clubs in Stockholm

For those looking to explore the waters of Stockholm by kayak, there are many kayaking clubs in the city that provide an opportunity to do just that. From the southernmost island of Södermalm to the winding canals of Gamla Stan, kayaking clubs in Stockholm offer many routes and experiences for both novice and experienced paddlers alike.

The Stockholm Kayak Club offers a convenient way to learn about and explore the waters around Stockholm. Their base on the island of Södermalm provides easy access to the open waters of the Stockholm archipelago and also to the inland canals of the city.

Here, visitors can join guided tours that take them along the waterways of the city, providing informative lessons on the history and ecology of the region. Experienced kayakers can also rent boats and go out on their own, taking advantage of the club’s maps and advice to find the best routes to explore.

Canoeing in Sweden Wilderness

Gliding through the Swedish wilderness in a canoe is an incredible experience. From traditional birch bark canoes to modern, lightweight fiberglass models, there is an array of canoe types available for navigating the beautiful, serene waters of Sweden.

Additionally, following safety protocols while canoeing in Sweden can help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, as well as the opportunity to observe the diverse wildlife that inhabits the region.

Rent Kayak Sweden

The crystal-clear waters of Sweden beckon all those seeking adventure, and the best way to experience them is by renting a kayak. From the majestic archipelagos of the east to the tranquil lakes of the west, a variety of options offer stunning views and incredible memories.

For the perfect kayaking experience, the best time to go is during the summer months, when the sun is shining and the waters are calm.

When is the best time to go kayaking in Sweden?

Leaving the peaceful shores of West Sweden, it’s time to ask the burning question: when is the best time to go kayaking in Sweden? The answer is that it depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re hoping for calmer waters and warmer temperatures, then the summer months of July and August would be ideal.

However, if you’re looking for a more unique experience, then the winter months of December and January offer a colder, more adventurous journey.

From December to February, the temperatures are much lower and the waters are usually quite calm, making it a great time for those looking to take on a more challenging expedition.

The snow-covered landscapes are a sight to behold as the sun sets and the stars twinkle in the twilight sky. The temperatures may be cold, but the experience is exhilarating.

The months of June and September are also great for kayaking, as the waters are still calm and the temperatures are more comfortable than in the winter. June offers an exciting adventure with the added bonus of being able to see the midnight sun.

As for September, the nights are still warm and the waters remain calm, which is great for those looking to experience the beauty of Sweden’s stunning nature.


With its vast array of islands, lakes, and rivers, Sweden offers a wealth of opportunities for kayakers and canoeists alike. From the breathtaking archipelago of Stockholm to the tranquil wilderness of the West Coast, paddlers can explore a number of stunning waterways.

With a range of self-guided and guided tours, rentable kayaks, and idyllic locations, Sweden is the perfect destination for kayakers and canoeists looking for an unforgettable adventure.

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