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Kayaking in Pont Du Gard Full Guide | Canoeing Pont Du Gard

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The Pont du Gard is one of the most iconic landmarks of the Provence region in France. It is an ancient aqueduct, built around the first century AD, that still stands as an impressive testament to the engineering prowess of the Roman Empire.

Nowadays, it is a popular destination for kayakers, offering a unique and thrilling experience on the Gardon River. Kayak tours, rentals, and reviews of the Pont du Gard are plentiful, and it’s easy to find a suitable option for all levels of kayakers.

Kayak Vert operates out of Collias and offers all-inclusive packages for those who wish to explore the area. With their top-of-the-line canoes and experienced guides, they provide an unforgettable journey down the river, with the Pont du Gard as the grand finale.

Kayaking in Pont Du Gard and Other Outdoor Activities

The majestic Pont du Gard provides the perfect backdrop for those looking to explore the great outdoors. Kayakers can traverse the ancient Roman aqueduct, while canoeists can meander down the gentle River Gardon. On a hot summer’s day, those looking to cool off can take a refreshing dip in the river.

Kayaking at Pont Du Gard

With the many activities that Pont du Gard offers, kayaking is an experience that should not be missed. Located in southern France, Pont du Gard is the perfect destination for those looking to enjoy the outdoors. Kayaking along the Gardon River provides a unique view of the world-famous Roman aqueduct.

The Gardon River is a large, meandering river with many bends and curves, creating an ideal environment for kayaking. This provides a myriad of opportunities to explore the river and its surroundings. As you kayak along the river, you can take in the sights of the Roman aqueduct.

The structure is an impressive feat of engineering, towering above the river and providing a stunning backdrop to any kayaking adventure.

Kayaking gives you the opportunity to explore the river at your own pace and to take in the beauty of the landscape. As you paddle along the river, you will be met with breathtaking views of the shoreline and the aqueduct.The calm, tranquil waters provide a peaceful and serene atmosphere, allowing you to relax and take in the beauty of the area.

Kayaking at Pont du Gard is an experience that should not be missed. The unique location and stunning scenery make it the perfect destination for those looking to get out and explore the outdoors. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, the Gardon River provides a unique and rewarding experience.

Canoeing the River Gardon

Canoeing the River Gardon

The River Gardon is delightfully clear, making it perfect for swimming as well as canoeing. Its peaceful nature, with little to no rapids, makes it an ideal place for a peaceful canoe ride, and for those looking for a more exciting experience, there are plenty of opportunities to take on the larger rapids as the river winds its way through the area.

A great advantage of canoeing the River Gardon is the opportunity to explore some of the hidden gems as you paddle around the bends and turns. From a hidden waterfall tucked away amongst the trees to a stunning viewpoint of the Pont du Gard, there are plenty of surprises to be discovered.

The River Gardon also offers its visitors a unique opportunity to observe the diverse wildlife that inhabits the area. From the majestic fish that call the river home to the birds that flutter through the trees, the River Gardon is a great place to take in the sights and sounds of nature.

Swimming in the River Gardon

Swimming in the River Gardon

The River Gardon is a lush, meandering river perfect for swimming. Visitors can find many places to swim along the river, both shallow spots for children and deeper areas for more experienced swimmers. With its crystal-clear turquoise waters and gentle current, it’s an ideal place to spend a day swimming and soaking up the sun.

The river is lined with trees and grassy banks, lending an air of serenity to the experience. Here, visitors can leisurely swim in the calm waters, taking in the beauty of the surrounding nature. The air is filled with the sounds of birds singing and the occasional splash from a swimmer’s dive.

For those looking for a more active experience, there are several nearby rapids and pools. Here, visitors can take on the challenge of the rapids, swimming against the current and admiring the rapids’ powerful beauty.

Whether visitors are looking for a peaceful swim or an exciting adventure, the River Gardon provides the perfect opportunity to explore the outdoors. With its tranquil waters and stunning nature, it’s an ideal place to spend a day swimming and enjoying the beauty of the area.

Best Time to Go Pont Du Gard Kayaking

To have the ideal kayaking experience at Pont du Gard, it’s best to go when the weather is mild, the waters are calm, and the visibility is clear. The sun should be bright, the sky should be mostly clear, and the wind should be gentle, allowing for a pleasant journey along the river.

The water levels should be high enough to provide smooth paddling while still offering a view of the beautiful stone bridge above.

Weather Conditions

The beautiful weather in the south of France is one of the reasons why the Pont du Gard is a popular destination for kayaking. Generally, the best time to go kayaking is in the spring or summer,

when the temperatures are mild and the wind is calm. The months of April, May, June, and September are particularly ideal for kayaking at the Pont du Gard.

The air is still cool and refreshing in the morning, the sun is warm and inviting in the afternoon, and the evening is pleasantly cool with a light breeze. The water temperature is comfortable for kayaking during these months, which creates an enjoyable experience for all levels of kayakers.

In the summer months, the temperature can be quite warm during the day, so it is important to bring plenty of sun protection and plenty of water. The afternoon can be especially hot, so it is best to plan your kayaking trip either in the morning or in the evening.

The summer months also tend to be when the water levels are highest, so there is more room to explore the Pont du Gard’s riverbanks and nearby islands.

Pont Du Gard Kayaking Tours

Pont Du Gard Kayaking Tours

The ancient Roman aqueduct of Pont du Gard is an engineering marvel and a popular tourist destination. Visitors can experience the wonder of this structure on a kayaking tour, where they can paddle beneath the towering arches and explore the breathtaking scenery of the Gardon River.

Guided tours provide interesting insight into the history of the Pont du Gard while kayaking trips from Nîmes offer a more leisurely experience, complete with stunning views and plenty of time to relax.

Kayaking Tours in the Pont Du Gard

For those looking to explore the Pont du Gard by kayak, there are a variety of tour options available. Kayaking tours in the Pont du Gard provide visitors the opportunity to discover the area’s breathtaking views and historical significance. Tour guides are knowledgeable and can provide a fascinating insight into the area’s rich history.

Depending on the tour, guests can explore the area’s many canyons, rivers, and caves. Guests can also take in the region’s breathtaking views of the Gardon River and its surrounding hills. The tours are designed for maximum safety and comfort, with life jackets and watercraft of the highest quality available.

Tours usually last around 2-3 hours, with plenty of time for swimming and exploring the surrounding area. Guests can also take photos with the famous Pont du Gard as a backdrop. On some tours, guides might even provide historical context of the area and its importance in Roman history.

No matter the tour, guests can be sure to have a safe and enjoyable experience exploring the Pont du Gard. From its breathtaking views to its fascinating history, kayaking tours of the Pont du Gard provide a unique and unforgettable experience.

Guided Tours of Pont Du Gard

The tour begins with the guide providing a detailed overview of the region and the history of the Pont du Gard. The tour then takes you down the Gardon River, giving you the chance to admire the breathtaking views that the Pont du Gard offers.

You can even spot some of the many species of birds and wildlife in the area. During the tour, you will also have the opportunity to stop to take pictures and learn more about the history of the Pont du Gard.

The tour also allows you to explore the area more deeply as you kayak. The guide will show you the best routes to take along the river, and you can even take a break and relax on the banks of the river. The tour also includes stops at some of the nearby villages, such as Remoulins and Collias, where you can explore the local culture and traditions.

At the end of the tour, you will have the chance to enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner near the Pont du Gard. This is the perfect time to relax as you take in the sights and sounds of the monument.

The tour will also end with a visit to the nearby museum, where you can learn more about the history and significance of the Pont du Gard. After the tour, you will be sure to have a greater appreciation for the history and beauty of the Pont du Gard.

Kayaking Trips From Nîmes

Kayaking Trips From Nimes

No matter your experience level, kayaking the Pont du Gard is an incredible experience. For those looking to explore the area, kayaking trips from Nîmes are a great way to explore the region.

Taking a guided tour from Nîmes is a great way to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Experienced kayaking guides are knowledgeable about the Pont du Gard and can lead you along some of the most beautiful parts of the river.

Along the way, they can provide interesting facts about the history of the bridge and the surrounding area. For those wanting to explore the area at their own pace, kayaking trips from Nîmes give you the freedom to explore the river at your own leisure.

Kayakers can paddle up and downstream, enjoying the serene atmosphere and taking in the spectacular views of the ancient aqueduct. Due to the natural currents of the river, paddling downstream can be an easy and relaxing experience.

No matter the route taken, kayaking trips from Nîmes provide an unforgettable experience. With the picturesque views of the Pont du Gard and the tranquil atmosphere of the river, kayaking trips from Nîmes are a great way to explore the region.

Pont Du Gard Kayak Rental

Exploring the majestic Pont du Gard by kayak is a thrilling adventure. From the pristine waters of the Gardon River to the awe-inspiring Roman aqueduct, kayakers can experience the landscape from a unique vantage point.

Safety should always be the primary concern when embarking on such an excursion, and the right equipment is essential for a safe and enjoyable journey.

Kayak Route

The kayak route of the Pont du Gard is one of the most popular in the area. The river itself is calm and easy to navigate, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced kayakers. As you make your way along the river, you can take in breathtaking views of the bridge from different angles.

You’ll also be surrounded by the lush vegetation and wildlife of the area. The route is fairly easy to follow, as it is marked with signs and buoys along the way. It is also relatively short, taking around two hours to complete.

Along the way, you can take a break to explore some of the hidden beaches and coves or to take a dip in the refreshing waters of the river. You can also take pictures of the bridge from different angles, making it a great spot for any photographer.

At the end of the route, you’ll be able to take in the breathtaking view of the entire Pont du Gard from the river. You’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of the bridge and the surrounding landscape in a unique way. This picturesque view is sure to stay in your memory for years to come.

Kayak Safety

When kayaking independently, it is important to be aware of the conditions of the water and the surrounding landscape. Before setting off, check the weather, the river levels, and the water temperature.

Be aware of any potential hazards around you, such as other boats, low-hanging branches, and rocks. To ensure the best safety, always wear a personal flotation device, avoid going alone, and never go beyond your level of experience.

It is also important to have the right equipment when kayaking. Be sure to have a reliable means of communication, such as a cell phone in a waterproof bag and a whistle to alert other boaters.

Pack a first-aid kit, sunscreen, and a map of the area, as well as snacks and plenty of drinking water. Make sure the kayak is in good condition and the paddle is the correct size for the kayaker. Lastly, know the rules of the river and respect other boaters and wildlife.

By following these safety tips, a kayak tour or rental on the Pont du Gard can be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. For those who feel comfortable in their knowledge and abilities, they can explore the river with confidence.

Kayak Equipment

Leaving the shore and taking to the water is an adventure that requires the right equipment. Pont du Gard kayak rental offers a variety of kayaks, paddles, and other gear so that each kayaker can have the best experience.

Whether a single or tandem kayak is desired, the rental shop has a variety of models in stock, from recreational kayaks to fishing kayaks. The rental shop staff is always on hand to assist kayakers in selecting the best model for their needs.

Kayak Vert Pont Du Gard

The crystal-clear waters of Pont du Gard provide the perfect backdrop for a kayak rental adventure. Explore the ancient Roman aqueduct’s incredible history while on a kayak tour, guided by experienced professionals. Make the most of your day by taking in the majestic views and discovering the mysteries of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kayak Rental

A great way to explore the Pont du Gard is to rent a kayak. Along the river, kayakers can soak in the tranquility of the area and get up close to the impressive ancient structure. There are a variety of kayak rental establishments located close to the Pont du Gard, all offering an array of kayaks to choose from.

The kayaks come in a range of sizes, from single-person to tandem kayaks, and are suitable for all levels of paddlers. All boats are well-maintained and regularly inspected for safety. The rental companies have knowledgeable staff who are on hand to answer any questions and provide helpful tips and advice on the best kayaking routes.

No matter the route chosen, kayakers are provided with an unforgettable experience. The river is lined with ancient Roman ruins, which create a spectacular backdrop to the kayak adventure. Paddling along the river, it’s easy to imagine what life was like centuries ago when the Pont du Gard was first constructed.

Pont Du Gard History

The Pont du Gard was originally built by the Romans in the 1st century AD as part of a 50-kilometer aqueduct to bring water from the Eure River to the city of Nimes. It was an impressive undertaking for the time, requiring the construction of a three-tiered bridge that stands almost 50 meters high.

It was built without the aid of modern tools or machines and is still standing today, nearly 2,000 years later. The Pont du Gard has been a symbol of progress and engineering prowess throughout history. It has also been the backdrop of many battles and has been used as a defensive fortress.

In the 12th century, it was reinforced with battlements and a drawbridge to protect the surrounding area. It was also the site of many skirmishes during the French Revolution.

Today, the Pont du Gard is a popular tourist attraction and a great spot for kayaking tours. The area around the aqueduct is full of beautiful natural scenery and visitors can take in the breathtaking history of the ancient structure while kayaking along the river.

From exploring the aqueduct itself to admiring the surrounding countryside, a kayak rental along the Pont du Gard is a great way to experience the area.


Pont du Gard kayaking is an exciting and rewarding experience that offers travelers a unique way to explore this beautiful area of France. From renting a kayak or taking a kayaking tour to learning safety tips and the best times to visit, there are plenty of opportunities to make the most of this stunning destination.

Whether you’re an experienced kayaker or simply looking for a fun outdoor adventure, Pont du Gard kayaking offers something for everyone. With its stunning scenery and varied activities, it’s the perfect place to spend an unforgettable day outdoors.

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