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Authentic Review Process Steps

Authentic Review Process Steps We come up with the conclusion that so many people get confused about buying their kayak and they have so many questions and worries in their minds.

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We believe in using these products just like you would We send the products straight to the homes of our thorough testers. We are transparent about any samples received.

Authentic Review Process Step 1

Over a hundred reviewers have spent weeks and months reviewing everything from inflatable kayaks to fishing kayaks, best paddles, best-hunting kayaks, best PFDs, and best SUPs to see whether they’re worth the money. We often send our testers three to five products in the same category so that they may compare them, giving you valuable insight into how different brands and models compare. In addition, our testers take dozens of images to show you how the product will look in your house or in your hands. They make certain to catch all of the crucial perspectives and features in order to provide you with the most information possible before making a purchase.

Authentic Review Process Step 2

In addition to writing about their personal experiences, each reviewer fills out a comprehensive questionnaire that collects over ten data points. The testers rate their products on a scale of 1 to 5 for each factor—like the design durable, etc. we come up with a rating that reflects their overall opinion. We tailor these ratings to each category and never use a one-size-fits-all method.

Authentic Review Process Step 3

Under the “Tested by The Spruce” logo, you’ll find our testers’ candid feedback—both positive and negative—to help you make the best purchasing decision possible. We provide an overall star rating, advantages and disadvantages for each product, as well as personal experiences and comments from our reviewers.

We want to make sure we’re giving you the most objective feedback possible.

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essential decision-making factors

  • Speed
  • Inflate & deflate timing 
  • Space
  • Material
  • Durability

Buying Guide For kayaks

Before you buy something, get some information. What kind of water will you be paddling on? Great Lakes, lakes, slow-moving rivers, fast-moving (whitewater) rivers, ocean waves, camping trips, overnight vacations, fishing? There are far too many variables. Any answers that don’t include those essential facts are worthless. Whatever you choose, you’ll need a kayaking PFD and a signaling device (whistle).

If you plan on kayaking in chilly water (60 degrees or less), bring dry pants and, at the very least, a semi-dry top (to help keep you dry and holding off on hypothermia).

Authentic Review Process Steps for Paddle

Stand with your paddle next to you. Raise your arm. The tips of your fingers should touch the end of the blade.

You will need a good lightweight but stiff paddle. Avoid aluminum shafts, they are heavy.

Carbon fiber shafts and blades are lightest and stiffest. Want a stiff paddle so all your paddling propulsion is transferred to the water and not dissipated by the paddle flexing. The length of a paddle is important too. Too long and it’s unwieldy. Too short and your paddling stroke is truncated and you lose power and efficiency.

Sit-ins require longer paddles because they are typically wider and you sit higher above the water. Unless you plan on doing whitewater, get a boat at least 12 long. Longer is faster and they typically track ( go straight) better. different types of kayaks for different purposes.  sit on for fishing, one touring 17’ Longview fast straight and I can carry overnight camping gear.

recreational boat for just paddling around a lake or lagoon. It’s fast and a carry lots of camping gear and a 10-foot hybrid that is designed for whitewater, but it has a drop-down Skeg, to improve its tracking on flat water.